I would like to gratefully acknowledge some of the important and significant help I received in putting this website together. I couldn't have done any of this without their considerable help and guidance.

Video for the Book - I want to start by thanking Jason Whittaker at Russell Video (Ann Arbor, Michigan) for his technical and creative brilliance.  I originally conceived of a short video promoting the book, but I didn't know how to go about putting it together. I wrote a script and created a storyboard, but then needed help. Russell Video specializes in commercial video for businesses nationwide and has vast experience in creating advertising media. Jason Whittaker sat down with me, looked at my proposal, and enthusiastically embraced what I wanted to do. In fact, he took my modest idea and added his own creative brilliance in the form of additional pictures, sound effects, and visual effects to give me a video that looks like a Hollywood movie ad. I would highly recommend Jason and Russell Video to anyone who needs a video project done in a timely and very economic fashion.

Website Creation - Lars Claussen and Cevado Technology were a godsend in providing the website structure. Their templates were both easy to use and very professional in their design.

Candace Terhune-Flannery - Once I had the website established, it was the help from my sister-in-law Candace that assisted me in getting the site up and running. Not only did she translate what I wanted to achieve onto the website, but she helped troubleshoot the transition from creative idea to actual page content.

Patrick Flannery - My brother-in-law Patrick took the author photo and helped us immensely in downloading pictures to the site. His creative touches were just what we needed to lend a finished air to the website.

Tim Boyd - Tim is one of my long-time best friends, and he did the photography of the Bobby Kennedy letter and envelope. His photography studio gave us a perfect work environment and his decades of experience in photographing small art objects enabled him to pick out the minute details on the historical artifacts.