Did You Know?


1.      Did you know that JFK had  multiple premonitions of his own death? 

2.      Did you know that the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle (the rifle Oswald allegedly used) was known as "the humanitarian rifle" by the Italians in WWII because the rifle was so inaccurate and the optics were so poor. Looking through the Mannlicher-Carcano gun sight is like looking through the peephole of a hotel door. 

3.      Did you know that JFK wanted to marry the former Miss Denmark during WWII, a woman reputed to be a Nazi spy by the FBI? 

4.      Did you know that JFK may have once been married to a woman named Durie Malcolm (and had the marriage annulled) before he married Jackie? 

5.      Did you know that FDR removed JFK's father, Joseph Kennedy, from the ambassadorship to England because of Kennedy's anti-Semitic views and his sympathies toward Hitler.  

6.      Did you know that PT-109 was the only PT boat in the history of the U.S. Navy to be rammed and sunk by an enemy ship without a single shot being fired, and that General MacArthur wanted to court-martial JFK because of the sinking of PT-109? 

7.      Did you know Lee Harvey Oswald almost failed the weapons qualification course during Marine Corps boot camp and barely qualified for "Marksman," the lowest designation in the weapons training program? 

8.      Did you know that according to his mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer, JFK may have experimented with both marijuana and LSD while in the White House? Did you know Meyer was murdered shortly after JFk's death and that the murder remains unsolved? 

9.      Did you know that in 1979, the US government reversed its position that Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman and concluded that Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy? 

10.  Did you know that JFK may have planned to replace LBJ on the 1964 presidential ticket with his brother Robert? 

11.  Did you know that no one on the Warren Commission was a skilled ballistics expert? 

12.  Did you know that the Warren Commission recreated the assassination using a 1956 Cadillac limousine in place of the 1961 Lincoln Continental limousine in which JFK was riding? The 1956 Cadillac used body-on-frame construction seating the occupants higher and closer than the lower and wider unibody construction of the Lincoln, thus skewing the bullet angles in the re-creation?